VIDEO: The Italian start-up scenario explained by Councillor for Innovation Paolo Barberis

NewsFromThePlatform | May 19th, 2016

I’m analyzing this world [of Italian start-ups, ed] from my experience as an entrepreneur and also with the desire to make the digital world of innovation and technological development more and more vigorous.”

These are the words with which Paolo Barberis, Italian Councillor for Innovation, describes his role to Andrea Di Camillo, Founder and Managing Partner of P101, for our NewsFromThePlatform blog.

Paolo Barberis explains the three fundamental points for the growth of innovative start-ups according to him: “there is a territorial issue – to create spaces within the city that are the engines of innovation, […] the second point is to give the start-up system more simplified rules as possible. […] The central point, however, is definitely how you finance innovation, as the funding which is usually made available for new entrepreneurs is risk capital, for which Italy does not have a very high propensity.”

Indeed, as Barberis points out, in the last 15 years investments in venture capital funds amounted to 500 billion in the US, to just 3 billion in Italy. However, investing in micro-enterprises that will probably grow and become big is “essential first of all for employment, […] we have to ensure that Italian people, who are savers, imagine new businesses as places where their children will find the work of the future.”

In this scenario, according to Barberis, the role of VCs is crucial: venture capital “walks side by side with start-ups, helps them grow fster and become international.”

Here‘s the video.