VIDEO: Venture Capital in Italy: Luigi Tommasini of the Italian Investment Fund (Fondo Italiano d’Investimento) explains his vision to Andrea di Camillo of P101

NewsFromThePlatform | March 30th, 2016

Innovation has entered the political agenda only in recent times. However, already in the year 2012 the Fondo Italiano had started wondering what could be done in this regard. Venture Capital […] was one of the main solutions we had thought of.”

These are the words that Luigi Tommasini, Senior Partner of the Italian Investment Fund (Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR Spa), uses to describe the Venture Capital scenario in Italy in an interview by Andrea Di Camillo, Founder and Managing Partner of P101, for our blog NewsFromThePlatform.

Indeed, if 5 years ago there was very little talk in Italy about investment funding in startups and small or medium enterprises, today the situation is quite different. The Italian Investment Fund, with its 11 investments, a total commitment of 150 million Euros and funds raised by 30 Italian institutions, is one of the leading companies in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

The role of VC according to Tommasini is not just to fund startups, but to help them grow. “To create a startup […] we need people that can help the founders of these startups to grow – not to manage them, but to make them grow.”

Here the full interview