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December 23rd, 2020

Lock-down, Christmas and e-commerce: is Europe really destined to become Amazon’s warehouse worker?

Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner at P101

The strict lockdown that Italy experienced in the spring was Aamzon’s “picklock” to reach the countries and homes where it had not yet arrived. In fact, people who had never shopped online began to knock at the door of Bezos’ …

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November 11th, 2020

Ten years, two start-ups and two “exits”: Andrea Di Camillo (P101) and Antonio Perini (Milkman) tell us how it all happened


Vision, velocity, coldness, a pinch of good luck. These features are common to the two happy-ending entrepreneurial stories of Andrea Di Camillo, founder and CEO of P101, and Antonio Perini, serial start-upper and the mind behind Milkman. Milkman is a …

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October 8th, 2020

Five steps to create value and innovate the economy and society through Venture Capital

Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner at P101

VC creates value and can act as a driving force for Italy’s recovery. We have always said so, but during the Covid-19 emergency evidence was there for all to see, since the emergency urged all well-established businesses to embrace digitization. …

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