September 8th, 2016

Logistics, or the coexistence of man and robot at the time of e-commerce

Antonio Perini, CEO and founder at Milkman

“The world of warehouses, forklifts, and brown overalls, that back-room, blokey, almost forgotten world has been changed forever and thrust into the strategic limelight.” This excerpt from Sean Fleming’s last editorial for eDelivery underlines how the digital disruption has entered …

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June 1st, 2016

Food: the lessons learned by Marco Porcaro, founder of cortilia.it

Marco Porcaro, founder of Cortilia

Conversation with Marco Porcaro, founder of Cortilia, the first online agricultural market that puts consumers in touch with local farmers, allowing them to shop directly from the farmland. 150,000 subscribers, more than 50 producers and thousands of deliveries: Marco Porcaro, …

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