December 23rd, 2020

Lock-down, Christmas and e-commerce: is Europe really destined to become Amazon’s warehouse worker?

Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner at P101

The strict lockdown that Italy experienced in the spring was Aamzon’s “picklock” to reach the countries and homes where it had not yet arrived. In fact, people who had never shopped online began to knock at the door of Bezos’ …

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May 17th, 2019

Creative destruction, trial and error, lateral thinking: but always keeping a focus on customers

Giuseppe Donvito, partner of P101 SGR

If there is a universal guide to innovation that every company should read, it is in the letters to shareholders that Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, writes every year. In particular, in the latest (published in April), the CEO of …

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May 9th, 2018

Logistics will be crucial for the future of Amazon, Uber and e-commerce itself

P101 in collaboration with Trademachines

It’s clear, by now, that the world of online retail has disrupted the way we shop. This is so true that even in our very neighbourhoods we happen to see small and medium-sized businesses surrendering to the hegemony of digital …

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November 11th, 2015

Amazon Prime lands in Milan. But are we sure that “faster” delivery is better than “more punctual” or “to the right place”?


In the USA they have a saying: “don’t drink and Prime” that has by now replaced the more traditional admonition “don’t drink and drive” with reference to the habit of driving after having a few too many drinks. Indeed, online …

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