Start-up: Italy’s great opportunity

Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner at P101 | February 17th, 2016

$89 billion: that’s the value of innovation in the USA. That’s because 83% of the total value of US research & development ($108 billion) comes from companies born and bred thanks to venture capital investment. But that’s not all. The US is the country where VC investment is most common, as it represents 0.28%* of GDP – compared to Italy’s 0.0021%*, a significant part of which comes from private savings. In the US, the value of VC-backed companies amounts to 21% of the total stock market capitalization ($26,000 billion). In Italy, it does not even reach 2% (that is, €11 billion of €595 billion). A gap or an opportunity? In our opinion, this is a great opportunity for our country.

Currently, venture capital represents a quite unknown but extremely interesting asset class in Italy, also in terms of prospective gain. This is demonstrated by the very first Italian unicorn, Yoox: started 15 years ago with €30 million total investment, Yoox is now valued €3,3 billion.

What is the task of Italian venture capitalists? I think we need to master the ongoing revolution and the change in paradigm brought about by new technologies. We should also pinpoint its weak spots and put our resources and expertise at the service of young companies, which will then be able to grow and compete in the market.

Infographics by Lcd – Graphic Design