Andrea Di Camillo

Managing Partner

Andrea has over 20 years of experience as a venture capital investor and entrepreneur. He has worked with Kiwi I, Cir Ventures, and Principia SGR, and invested in more than 40 companies – such as Yoox, Venere, Viamente – as well as being a founder of Vitaminic and Banzai. In 2013 he launched P101, and he is currently the Managing Partner.

Born in Biella in 1970, Andrea began his career at Olivetti, which he joined in 1995 as marketing manager of ItaliaOnline, a pioneer in the Italian digital market. Later, he took part in the launch of the first venture capital fund, Kiwi, with which he made some of the most successful investments in the digital sector, such as Venere, Yoox, and Tiscali. In 1999, he co-founded Vitaminic and then in 2006, Banzai, which soon became the second web company in Italy. Between 2010 and 2012 he managed the turnaround of Principia I and Principia II funds, allocating more than €40 million and redefining the SGR’s investment strategy. Andrea has made angel investments in several startups, including Cortilia, Iubenda, Fubles and Viamente, which was acquired by a US industrial group in 2012.