Introducing NewsFromThePlatform: P101 Official Blog

Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner at P101 | November 11th, 2015

We have created NewsFromThePlatform to tell what happens on our roof terrace, which is the place where our ideas circulate, mix and merge, and where we are continuously stimulated by the smart, innovative people who work with us.

What is NewsFromThePlatform? I would rather tell you what it is not. It’s not a startup magazine and it won’t tell you about young companies’ results and records or the media phenomena related to this world.

NewsFromThePlatform has been conceived as a connecting bridge between non-communicating worlds that sometimes do not understand each other, hardly ever get close and never build a network – even though they are, or should be, contiguous.

Our blog is born to tell and comment – through our vision and that of our affiliates, investors and the people who are part of our ecosystem – everyday examples of the ongoing revolution, the digital disruption: a phenomenon in full swing, which sees new technologies change patterns and models in all areas, in a radical way and at an impressive rate.

As operators of the still (too) small Italian venture capital world, our job is to study, analyse and ride this revolution, even try to intercept the signs of its potential weakness. We put our resources and expertise at the service of young companies, help them grow and compete on the market, and at the same time we offer the digital industry an inexhaustible hotbed of entrepreneurial innovation.

With NewsFromThePlatform, we tell our point of view in a simple, factual and concrete way, in order to explain that today’s young company is tomorrow’s competitor and might also become a future blue chip. We want our message to reach out even to those people who think of startups and innovation as the territory of a few young and unexperienced lads, relegated to a sort of digital “Indian reserve” and financed with just a handful of money.

Our hope is that we will manage to establish a dialogue with our readers and that through this we will make a small contribution to a greater goal: that of awakening the “Sleeping Beauty”, Italy, and supporting its digital transformation. Because, eventually, change will come knocking on your door: if you are not ready to master it, you might end up surrendering to it.