Startups that simplify your summer

NewsFromThePlatform | July 21st, 2016

In Italy the digital tourism market is worth 9.5 billion Euros, which is one-fifth of total domestic transactions. From travel planning to small concerns about what we take with us on vacation, there are many startups that have decided to create their business in this area.

As for choosing a destination, 74% of travelers find their inspiration online, 88% search for their holiday destination on the web, and 82% book it directly online. Musement is a platform that helps tourists with their online research, as it collects all the experiences you can find at a given destination, from museums to sports, from outdoor activities to cultural ones. The platform allows users to book their experiences and build their own travel itinerary, as well as integrate Foursquare tips.

Certainly the most significant market is that of transport, which accounts for 72% of tourist expenditure, with 6.8 billion Euros that were transferred by travelers to online sales channels only in 2015. Indeed, most of tourists’ resources and time are used to decide whether to go by plane, train or ship, whether to rent a car or experience carpooling – and so on. The startup Waynaut positions itself in this field: in a few clicks it allows you to find the more efficient and cheapest transport combination to reach your desired destination. Indeed, travel websites and apps can use Waynaut’s interface to show their users how to get where they want, the way they want.

The digital tourism industry is growing and, accordingly, business opportunities multiply. For example, the app XE Currency has been devised for tourists who need to exchange currency. In order not to risk – as it often happens – to spend more than you need, this app shows real-time rates and can easily and quickly calculate change from any currency to any other. A very specific and winning choice if you think that Europe welcomes nearly 600 million foreign tourists each year, and that last year, just in Italy, spending on foreign travel rose by 14%.

Another selective choice of business is that of YourMechanic, the US online platform that allows users to easily connect with the closest mechanic among those selected by the platform, and to receive assistance wherever they are, at competitive prices.

According to a recent survey by Doxa, nearly 10 million travellers – that is, 16.4% of Italian families – claim to have accessibility problems. With the adequate services, these tourists would generate a direct impact on the GDP of 11,7 billion Euros (0.74% of the national total) and an indirect spending of 27.8 billion Euros (1.75% of GDP). In particular, large families with small children (3.8 million people) together with tourists with pets represent over 50% of the accessibility request. To overcome these problems, some startups offer services related, for instance, to families. Baby Guest allows you to rent equipment for children, such as strollers, diapers, etc., and find it directly at your travel destination, so that parents won’t need to carry an extra piece of luggage or request children equipment on site.