Investors Meeting and International Roadshow 2017: an intense and positive year for P101

Redazione di NewsFromThePlatform | April 20th, 2017

On the rooftop of P101, our annual Investors Meeting is taking place. Today, we explain our latest achievements but also our strategy for the future. This past year has been an intense time for P101, our team has grown in number and we have broadened our horizon both in Italy and on an international level. We made seven new investments over the past year, reaching a total of 26 companies that we support economically, but also in terms of strategy, vision and project development. More importantly, the companies we sustain are becoming reference points in their industries, and all together they generate work for over 600 people.

Andrea Di Camillo introduce l’Investor Meeting di P101

This year our activity and that of our subsidiaries have been as good as those of overseas ecosystems: if not in terms of quantity, surely in terms of quality. Indeed, interesting situations are starting to emerge outside the United States as of start-up investment, and in particular, the liveliness and substantial value of the Italian system are now comparable to those of the US ecosystem.

As we have often pointed out, even though Italy is late in terms of digital development when compared to other European nations, it represents a great opportunity for those companies that are creating digital and technological innovation, and consequently also for investment funds like ours, that believe in Italian potentiality.

Then, which are the “hot” investment areas to watch out for in the coming months? Certainly, there is artificial intelligence, which has already received attention from investment funds worldwide and has a great potential in Italy; as well as fintech, in which even the very traditional financial corporations are investing. Insurance is an industry in which, thanks to big data, radical changes are taking place in the name of flexibility and personalization. Other industries to be targeted are cybersecurity – that addresses the need to protect the ever-increasing amount of sensitive information circulating online – and the industrial internet of things, or industry 4.0, which is transforming the whole world of production.

In Italy, the e-commerce industry, even though it started slowly, is by now growing fast and is very much appreciated by Italian consumers. In particular, the number of brands that are born online is increasing. Another trend that has to be taken into consideration is the one of logistics, in which more and more attention is focused on the so-called last mile, i.e. those companies that deal with the final part of delivery, going directly towards the hands of consumers.