Mobile Free WiFi Worldwide

Wiman is the Sharing Economy WiFi Company that provides seamless mobile WiFi connectivity globally. It has developed a solution set for the sharing economy which delivers the mobile last mile through an aggregated and mapped open WiFi network.

Thanks to a growing crowdsourced and curated database of over 70 Million WiFi Hotspots, with an average of 2,5 Million new WiFi each month, Wiman is building the world’s largest Free WiFi Community.

Since the Wiman Free WiFi App launch in 2015, Wiman has seamlessly connected millions of users all around the world to the best Free WiFi in range and allowed them to save their gigabytes and money.

Wiman also created a smart WiFi password sharing technology to help its users share and connect to mobile WiFi anywhere.Thanks to the Wiman cross-platform mobile WiFi SDK, third-party mobile apps can also benefit from the password sharing and auto-connect value-add solutions.