The Multimodal Platform

Waynaut is the first platform in Europe that aggregates information about means of transport both traditional and innovative. This platform has been designed for businesses that want provide their customers a further service through their websites or apps, showing them how to get to a place quickly and easily.

Waynaut makes order out of transport data chaos. They allow every website or app to show their users the best way to get where they need, from door to door, using traditional and innovative means of transportation. With their API, they can act as a platform which will enable everyone to integrate their multimodal routing power everywhere.

For example, GDS can complement their offer with ground transport; Online Travel Agencies and Travel Search Engines can explain their users not just how to get from Malpensa to Fiumicino, but from Piazza Duomo to via Condotti; Mapping sites can improve the accuracy and granularity of transport routing.