Engage the Video Generation

Viralize is a technology platform that unites online Publishers, Video Creators and Advertisers. With our hub and technology stack, publishers distribute top video content while optimizing ad revenue, creators get exposure for their quality videos and advertisers connect to their next engaged customer.

The Viralize platform helps the video ecosystem in the following ways:

Publishers grow ad revenue while enriching their website content thanks to Viralize’s recommendation technology distributing high-quality videos from 50+ content partners spanning 26+ IAB-certified categories. Media companies can also choose to monetize their own video content through our technology or leverage their own sales teams to sell direct or programmatic campaigns on their own networks.

Content Creators get exposure with a global audience and leverage our network of 5000+ direct publishers to distribute and monetize their premium video content. Creators can also choose to bring in their own partner publishers to build a private distribution network.

Advertisers connect with their next potential customer thanks to qualified video audiences and powerful targeting tools. We integrate with industry-leading measurement and fraud detection technologies to ensure transparency, viewability and measurability. Our inventory includes both Instream and Outstream brand-safe video placements.

Viralize was founded in Florence, Italy in 2013 by Marco Paolieri, Maurizio Sambati and Ugo Vespier. The company is growing fast and currently employs more than 35 people internationally. The HQ is located in Florence with other offices in New York, London, Milan, Rome, and Madrid.