Housing & Community as a Service

Habyt is a developer and supplier of a comprehensive concept for temporary living. Starting with the renting and fitting of suitable objects over the search for suitable prospective customers up to an all-round care of the tenants.

Habyt wants to create the housing concept of the future, a network of co-living spaces in the main cities of the world hosting tech-savvy millennials that add value to the community and to each other.

The idea is simple:

1. Design a new standard of living spaces that combines superior comfort with cutting-edge design (value: simplicity/design)
2. Curate a set of like-minded individuals that will populate it (value: community)
3. Integrate seamless technology that facilitates the rental experience, and allows communication between guests and community managers (value: technology)

Habyt users will be able in the future to switch around different cities and countries with a click, keeping the same, transparent subscription.