Actionable Data for Brands & Retailers

BeMyEye is the innovative service for crowdsourcing store checks, data collection, and mystery shopping. Thanks to a large and widespread network of over 1M on-demand workers using a smartphone app, BeMyEye can provide fast and accurate observations from thousands of locations in UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

A DaaS (Data as a Service) mobile crowdsourcing company, used by more than 400 international blue chip companies, utilising Europe’s largest crowd of real world data gatherers (the ‘Eyes’), to provide real-time intelligence and actionable in-store retail and street-level data.

BeMyEye leverage the power of our crowd to deliver real-time business insights of unparalleled accuracy to brands and retailers of all shapes and sizes whilst ensuring that our ‘Eyes’ have the potential to earn money in a way that fits in with their lifestyle. BeMyEye connects the Eyes with businesses looking for location-specific information, such as checking joint business plan compliance (such as in-store promotions, product launches and merchandising compliance), identifying numerical distribution or optimising the routines of in-house or agency-based field force teams. The crowdsourced insights uncover reliable, real world insights, from any location, at scale. This method empowers businesses to “see” thousands of locations within moments, giving them the intelligence to identify new revenue streams, uphold brand integrity, track joint business plans and make savings quickly.