Real Crowd, Digital Quality

App Quality is an online platform that offers testing services to its client to optimize User Experience of Digital Services.

The platform enables its users to upload their application, configure the testing criteria, crowd-tested through the platform and obtain results. The platform features bugs completion, bugs finding, usability, security, internalization, load testing, competitor analysis, etc.

The number of devices, operating systems and browsers available is extremely wide and this fragmentation needs to be constantly monitored. But that’s not the only problem: software’s rapid-pace release schedule can’t be underestimated either. With that being said, if you want to provide a high-quality software, it is crucial to test your digital product outside your internal lab to identify the highest number of defects (even before it goes live). But every problem has a solution: in this case, it’s called crowdtesting and gives your product the possibility to be tested directly on your real users’ devices.