Lessons Learned

February 11th, 2021

Ten years, two start-ups and two “exits”: Andrea Di Camillo (P101) and Antonio Perini (Milkman) tell us how it all happened – Part 2


Let’s go back for a moment: Milkman was born in 2016 and Di Camillo and Perini were both part of it. On May 21st, Poste Italiane entered the capital of this start-up, and you officially became two “serial exiters”… Antonio …

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November 11th, 2020

Ten years, two start-ups and two “exits”: Andrea Di Camillo (P101) and Antonio Perini (Milkman) tell us how it all happened – Part 1


Vision, velocity, coldness, a pinch of good luck. These features are common to the two happy-ending entrepreneurial stories of Andrea Di Camillo, founder and CEO of P101, and Antonio Perini, serial start-upper and the mind behind Milkman. Milkman is a …

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May 17th, 2019

Creative destruction, trial and error, lateral thinking: but always keeping a focus on customers

Giuseppe Donvito, partner of P101 SGR

If there is a universal guide to innovation that every company should read, it is in the letters to shareholders that Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, writes every year. In particular, in the latest (published in April), the CEO of …

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February 8th, 2019

Mymenu: “Here’s how, focusing on quality and giving value to drivers, we have become the largest Italian food delivery company”


Here’s the story of Mymenu, which is growing and innovating, focusing on senior and business customers, in a global food delivery industry that is still far from break-even and that represents an open bet for venture capital. Mymenu is not …

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May 3rd, 2017

3D printing, Robotics, Pharmaceuticals. Federico Parietti, Co-Founder and CEO at Multiply Labs, tells the lessons the startup has learned

Federico Parietti, Multiply Labs

Multiply Labs is a tech startup at the intersection between robotics and pharmaceuticals. We build and operate robots that can 3D print customized capsules, able to release the exact schedule of medications and supplements required by a customer. For example, …

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October 26th, 2016

The lessons learned by Sellf, the app awarded by Confcommercio for Service Innovation 2016

Diego Pizzocaro, CEO and Founder of Sellf

Sellf is the virtual coach that helps businesses reach and surpass their goals. This year Sellf has  been selected by Confcommercio as the best app for service innovation. Here are the five lessons learned by the startup that works as …

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August 3rd, 2016

Food: the lessons learned by Daniele Biffoli, founder of

Daniele Biffoli, founder of Gourmant

After nearly three years from its birth, – the startup that connects food and wine lovers with local Italian producers – is now a competitive reality in the world of high quality food and wine e-commerce, with its 100 …

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June 1st, 2016

Food: the lessons learned by Marco Porcaro, founder of

Marco Porcaro, founder of Cortilia

Conversation with Marco Porcaro, founder of Cortilia, the first online agricultural market that puts consumers in touch with local farmers, allowing them to shop directly from the farmland. 150,000 subscribers, more than 50 producers and thousands of deliveries: Marco Porcaro, …

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May 25th, 2016

Waynaut: the Lessons We Have Learnt in the Last Five Years

Matteo Lo Manto, UX Product Manager & Co-Founder di Waynaut

Five years history, two rounds funding, and a gradual refinement of the business model. Hundreds of hours spent in meetings and brainstorming, thousands of hours for programming and development, sometimes even at night, more than 200 presentations to potential customers …

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May 11th, 2016

Confessions of a Peer to Peer Lender

Livio Montesarchio, Marketing Specialist,

Or innovation explained over a coffee On the other side of the phone Alessio is listening carefully while I tell him that he might have found the solution he was looking for. He asks questions, replies “seems fair,” “fine,” “it’s …

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