A good day starts in the morning

Mariano Ambrosio, Senior Analyst P101 | March 9th, 2016

All over the world, Italy is appreciated for its historic cities, its welcoming culture and its delicious food. Recently, though, Italy’s fame has not come from art or history, rather – believe it or not! – from its vibrant start-up scene. Indeed, not only are American investors beginning to have an interest in Italian start-ups, but also many experts (see, for instance, this article on CNBC) believe that Italy’s start-up ecosystem is finally managing to revive the strained and unproductive climate that for too long has characterized its economy.

Briefly, this is why we believe that a new era is ahead of us for Italy.

After enormous difficulties due to an almost devastating economic situation, Italian entrepreneurs have finally placed creativity and their talent for innovation at the core of their business.

A driving force for the steady growth of our start-up scene has also been the increase in Venture Capital investment that has occurred during 2015 and has reached an overall value of approximately €98 million. But most of all, such an evolution has been favoured by the improved quality of the technical propositions of Italian entrepreneurs and the effectiveness of their business model scalability.

In our opinion, the attention of big international investors, who are now looking for “Made in Italy” digital innovation, has been attracted by these bright and lively circumstances.

Let’s just think of the agreement signed by the Ministry of Education with Cisco Networking Academy, or the €100 million investment planned by Cisco in support of digital innovation in Italy, or, again, at Apple and the European App Development Centre of Naples (that is the first of its kind).

In short, after an all too quiet beginning, Italian start-ups are now raising their voices and the whole national innovation ecosystem is making itself heard. This is well-explained in a recently published Forbes article that mentions MusiXmatch and Waynaut as examples of the ongoing transformation and its significant echo all over Italy.

To all Italian start-ups, a beautiful good morning!