Be smart from the start
Luca Manara
Edoardo Vannutelli
Filippo Renga
Giuseppe Donvito
Alessandro Tavecchio
Francesco Zambelli
UNGUESS is the tech-platform to bring collective wisdom in your company’s decision-making processes at speed and at any time needed. Unleashing the power of our highly vetted crowd of thousands of engaged humans, this solution provides a “fresh-eye” effect, to find answers and to share insightful feedbacks. Three powerhouses fuel UNGUESS: the technology (a flexible and easy-to-use platform), the people (the vast community of real people and the UNGUESS team itself) and the methodology (fast, effective, and consistent solutions). The platform offers solutions in four areas: Software Quality, UX/UI Research, CX Research and Insights and Cybersecurity.
Decent Work And Economic Growth
Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure
Unguess fosters innovation by providing insights on how to increase the quality of new digital products and services. User experience, software quality and security are all key elements for the success of those products. Unguess helps bridging the gap between customers’ demand and the supply of companies, by allowing the latter to make better informed decisions.