Marketplace Lending for SME
Ivan Pellegrini
Antonio Lafiosca
Giuseppe Donvito
Alessandro Tavecchio
Giorgio Pastarini
Opyn, formerly, is the first fintech platform that makes access to business loans easy and quick for small and medium companies and simplifies the work of banks. Founded in 2012 as an online loan broker, thanks to a proprietary, highly innovative and paperless technology, Opyn has grown exponentially. Today it offers, on one hand, loans to Italian SMEs in just a few days and, on the other hand, its software-asa- service to financial institutions and corporates that want to support their customers and give them fast and smart loans through artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Decent Work And Economic Growth
With its total of 391 million of total allocations, in 2021 Opyn has provided access to financial resources to 1275 small and medium enterprises. A virtuous example of sustaining and catalyzing economic growth.
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Opyn, digitalization and disintermediation for the fintech industry
24 november 2022   Opyn is an Italian fintech company that has gained the status of ¬†Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) modular platform, with the key role in supporting the entire lending value chain. In particular, Opyn provides...
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