I-buyer for motorbikes
Josep Talavera
Alex Lopera
Alberto Fossas Garcia
Stefano Guidotti
Francesco Zambelli
Giorgio Pastarini
Mundimoto is the leading i-buyer in the motorbike category. Users can search bikes by categories, view their specifications & price, calculate finance, see offers & place orders via the platform by making an online payment. It also provides vehicle appraisal, customized financing plans & more. Our mission is to transform the way people buy their next motorbike in Europe. We realised that while people love riding their motorbikes, they don’t always enjoy the process of buying or selling them. So we are creating a totally new way, providing transparency, convenience and peace of mind. We allow customers to browse, finance and purchase more than 1.000 motorbikes on the go via their mobile device, while also offering the convenience of selling your motorbike to us without ever having to step foot inside a dealership.
Sustainable Cities And Communities
Resposible Consumption And Production
By accelerating the buying and selling process, Mundimoto improves the competitiveness of the motorcycle market and promotes its growth. Moreover, to each seller, the platform guarantees speed, security, and legitimacy of the process, promoting the reutilization of motorbikes to the source, in accordance with a more sustainable consumption pattern.
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Mundimoto, the Spanish online motorcycle buying and selling start-up, raises 20 million euros for its international expansion
The digital company already leads the industry in Europe and in just two years has experienced a 15-fold increase in its turnover: from €1M in 2019 to profits of €15M in 2021 This capital injection,...