Robotics for individualized pharma
Federico Parietti
Alice Melocchi
Andrea Di Camillo
Mariano Ambrosio
Multiply Labs has developed personalized capsules that contain a variety of supplements, with the ideal dosage for each individual which are released over a specific time-period for prolonged therapeutic effects. Multiply Labs was founded to provide individuals the freedom to customize their intake of supplements to optimize their daily needs. Using patent-pending release technology developed at MIT and the University of Milan, Multiply Labs wants to revolutionize the perception around the supplement industry.
Good Health And Well-being
“Cell therapy treatments are needed by millions of people, but only dozens of them can be administered by many centers. The real potential we see is enabling pharmaceutical companies to get these treatments approved and manufactured quicker so they can scale to hundreds of thousands — or millions — of patients.” Fred Parietti, Co-founder and CEO of MultiplyLabs
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3D printing, Robotics, Pharmaceuticals. Federico Parietti, Co-Founder and CEO at Multiply Labs, tells the lessons the startup has learned
Multiply Labs is a tech startup at the intersection between robotics and pharmaceuticals. We build and operate robots that can 3D print customized capsules, able to release the exact schedule of medications and supplements required...