Optimize your Promise-to-Delivery journey with Milkman Platform!
Antonio Perini
Andrea Di Camillo
Mariano Ambrosio
Milkman Technologies offers a Last Mile recipient-centric cloud solution that empowers Logistics and Retailer organizations to increase Revenues and Profitability thanks to convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable delivery options. Based on AI-powered algorithms, the Platform connects recipients’ and businesses' needs, eliminating unfeasible deliveries and reducing operational expenditures. Businesses can modulate their level of service, incentivizing wider slots for better distributed, more efficient, and greener services and preventing broken promises as well as delighting even the most demanding recipients with very precise appointments at low marginal cost.
Sustainable Cities And Communities
Milkman Technologies is a member of SAP.iO Foundries Resilient Supply Chain Cohort and a SAP PartnerEdge-Build featured on the SAP Store. With Milkman, SAP will extend the reach of its portfolio by integrating last-mile capabilities and enhancing SAP’s customer experience.
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Milkman, a revolution in the last-mile delivery
31 January 2023   Milkman is a provider of home delivery services. It was founded in 2015 and from the beginning, it has stood apart from its competitors by highly prioritising its customers. Its clients...

Andrea Di Camillo

Ten years, two start-ups and two “exits”: Andrea Di Camillo (P101) and Antonio Perini (Milkman) tell us how it all happened – Part 2
Let’s go back for a moment: Milkman was born in 2016 and Di Camillo and Perini were both part of it. On May 21st, Poste Italiane entered the capital of this start-up, and you officially...
Lock-down, Christmas and e-commerce: is Europe really destined to become Amazon’s warehouse worker?
The strict lockdown that Italy experienced in the spring was Aamzon’s “picklock” to reach the countries and homes where it had not yet arrived. In fact, people who had never shopped online began to knock...
Ten years, two start-ups and two “exits”: Andrea Di Camillo (P101) and Antonio Perini (Milkman) tell us how it all happened – Part 1
Vision, velocity, coldness, a pinch of good luck. These features are common to the two happy-ending entrepreneurial stories of Andrea Di Camillo, founder and CEO of P101, and Antonio Perini, serial start-upper and the mind...