Fresh food online retailer
Marco Porcaro
Andrea Di Camillo
Glenda Grazioli
Cortilia is the first Italian online agricultural marketplace where you can buy short chain products directly from farmers. It connects farmers and consumers and arranges the delivery of fresh, seasonal and sustainable products to customer’s doorsteps. On Cortilia, customers can access a wide range of products, such as meat, fish, fresh cheese, pasta, milk, eggs, bread, jams, wine and craft beer, beauty and household cleaning products, as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cortilia wants to meet the needs of all those people interested in quality, and sustainable shopping. The service is easily customizable and efficient and allows next day delivery.
Zero Hunger
Resposible Consumption And Production
Cortilia is founded on the goal to shorten the fresh food supply chain, allowing customers to benefit from healthy, sustainable offerings that follow seasonality and local productions. Cortilia’s values of Freshness, Authenticity, Local Production, Seasonality, Sustainability and Traceability are also guaranteed by its B- Corp status.
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Food: the lessons learned by Marco Porcaro, founder of
Conversation with Marco Porcaro, founder of Cortilia, the first online agricultural market that puts consumers in touch with local farmers, allowing them to shop directly from the farmland. 150,000 subscribers, more than 50 producers and...