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Hans Christ
Alejandro Vigaray
Stefano Guidotti
Alessandro Tavecchio
Bipi is a company based in Madrid, Spain, offering monthly all-inclusive car subscriptions. Their mission is to replace traditional car ownership with a more flexible and seamless digital experience. With Bipi you can subscribe to the usage of your favorite car in less than 2 minutes, keep it as long as you want, swap it or cancel all for one simple monthly payment with everything included (insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and tax). Bipi aims to revolutionize the way people access cars around the world.
Sustainable Cities And Communities
Resposible Consumption And Production
By enabling the shift from a consumption pattern based on ownership to one based on usage, Bipi is promoting sustainable consumption and production. In accordance with the circular economy model, it provides an high-quality service with less resources than business as usual.
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Stefano Guidotti, partner of P101

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