Connecting vehicles
Filippo Agostino
Elisabetta Mari
Andrea Verdelocco
Matteo Filippi
Andrea Di Camillo
Glenda Grazioli
Giorgio Pastarini
2Hire offers mobility solutions by turning all kinds of vehicles into connected cars. By equipping vehicles with 2Hire plug and play devices, thanks to our software, all vehicles’ actions are performed remotely by smartphone. Real-time data analysis enhances fleet management and the full exploitation of available resources. 2Hire customizes B2B solutions for Car Rentals, Corporates endowed with a fleet, and privates willing to start End-to-End Car Sharing services.
Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure
Resposible Consumption And Production
2hire is building a reliable and secure digital infrastructure for mobility services. While exploiting and upgrading the technological capabilities of car makers, it increases the energy efficiency of vehicles, by shortening the gap between usage and user-specific needs.
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2hire, cutting-edge technology for the mobility industry
12 January 2023   2hire is an Italian technology company working in the mobility industry, enabling digital mobility solutions around vehicles’ connectivity. 2hire was born in 2015 in Rome from the idea of 4 entrepreneurs...