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There are two kinds of partners: those who are always asking you for something and those like P101, who like offering you something… a contact, an opportunity, a point of view. They are a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to accelerate your business
Marco De Rossi ,Ceo & Co-Founder of WeSchool
From the first day we started working together, P101 has proved to be a very important partner for the development of our relations with institutional investors, and above all for the vision it forsees for the future of our company
Antonio Lafiosca ,Coo & Co-Founder of Opyn
In our business it takes a long time to go from creating the first prototypes to the selling stage: if we got this far, it is thanks to investors like P101 who believed in us from the beginning
Fred Parietti ,Ceo & Co-Founder of Multyplay Labs
P101 has been a real beacon for us as they have given a long-term vision of the construction of our company’s added value
Antonio Perini ,Ceo & Founder of Milkman
Thanks to the support of P101 we are growing exponentially: they have always been present and active in all M&A and consolidation phases that we went through, from fundraising to closing of acquisition deals
Luca Bovone ,Ceo & Founder of Habyt
Opyn, digitalization and disintermediation for the fintech industry
24 november 2022   Opyn is an Italian fintech company that has gained the status of  Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) modular platform, with the key role in supporting the entire lending value chain. In particular, Opyn provides...
Wonderflow, AI to improve customer experience
14 november 2022   Wonderflow is a B2B tech company. Based in Amsterdam and established by three Italian founders - Riccardo Osti, Giovanni Gaglione and Michele Ruini, - its core business is an AI software...

Giorgio Pastarini & Giuseppe Donvito

What VCs (now) like in Fintech: and Where, and Why
3 November 2022 Giorgio Pastarini & Giuseppe Donvito   2022 could not be a good year for Fintech in Europe… but it could be worse. In fact, despite some big down rounds, such as Klarna’s,...
Keyless, pioneer in authentication and identity management solutions
24 October 2022   Keyless specialises in authentication and identity management solutions. Its story started in 2018 from the idea of Andrea Carmignani and Fabian Eberle. London was its first headquarter, an element that allowed the two...
Habyt, a more effective way to manage the accommodation rental business
10 October 2022   Habyt is a German-Italian company that rents out different types of accommodations. The main targets of this service are not tourists, unlike Airbnb: its clientele are young professionals who need to...