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There are two kinds of partners: those who are always asking you for something and those like P101, who like offering you something… a contact, an opportunity, a point of view. They are a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to accelerate your business
Marco De Rossi ,Ceo & Co-Founder of WeSchool
From the first day we started working together, P101 has proved to be a very important partner for the development of our relations with institutional investors, and above all for the vision it forsees for the future of our company
Antonio Lafiosca ,Coo & Co-Founder of Opyn
In our business it takes a long time to go from creating the first prototypes to the selling stage: if we got this far, it is thanks to investors like P101 who believed in us from the beginning
Fred Parietti ,Ceo & Co-Founder of Multyplay Labs
P101 has been a real beacon for us as they have given a long-term vision of the construction of our company’s added value
Antonio Perini ,Ceo & Founder of Milkman
Thanks to the support of P101 we are growing exponentially: they have always been present and active in all M&A and consolidation phases that we went through, from fundraising to closing of acquisition deals
Luca Bovone ,Ceo & Founder of Habyt
Multiply Labs: robotics and automation to produce advanced medicines
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Soplaya: a more effective and sustainable production chain for the restaurant industry
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Milkman, a revolution in the last-mile delivery
31 January 2023   Milkman is a provider of home delivery services. It was founded in 2015 and from the beginning, it has stood apart from its competitors by highly prioritising its customers. Its clients...
Civitfun Hospitality, a new wave of digitalisation for travel and hospitality industries
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2hire, cutting-edge technology for the mobility industry
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