P101 is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in the digital sector.


Who we are



We have first-hand experience on what it is like to establish and run a company with all its major challenges. We provide new entrepreneurs with our expertise and know-how, and we help them to develop their businesses



We have witnessed the development of the Internet in Italy, recognizing, since the very beginning, the potential of this sector, in which some of today’s leading companies were born. We believe that there are still success stories to be written


Connected to the market

Over the years we have built a network, which includes entrepreneurs, professionals and investors: we share their passions, knowledge and resources with the companies which we support


Partners with leading Italian accelerators

We work closely with private and university-based accelerators: this synergy allows us to identify the best investment opportunities and provide the companies with a large range of services and expertise in order to manage their activities


Our mission

We support the new entrepreneurs who are committed to developing and strengthening their own companies. We focus on enterprises that have an efficient business model, which allows them to quickly scale and become a leader in their market segment, capitalizing on innovation of technology, products and process. In particular, we back the companies which have already been selected by the accelerators and the other partners within our network, and have already received investments from them.

Our investment Model

P101 mainly invests in Italian companies that are able to seize the opportunities offered by the digital revolution and are run by talented, ambitious entrepreneurs.
We prefer the companies that have already been selected by our partners, or have already worked with them.

We don’t invest in ideas or projects that haven’t been backed up by a team, product or prototype and a market testing.
We don’t invest in order to cover debt repayments.
We don’t invest by buying shares of other shareholders, but by supplying fresh capital to support the companies and their projects.
We invest in accordance with the usual terms and conditions of venture capital transactions.


What we offer


We provide our expertise, gained both as venture capital investors and as entrepreneurs. We also share the relationships that we have built through the years within the Italian and international innovation ecosystem


P101 focuses on early stage investments. We provide financial resources, and we closely follow the development of the companies which we support.
Our investments are usually between €500 thousand and €3 million


We help entrepreneurs to develop their companies’ growth strategies, and support them in making crucial decisions

What we look for


First of all, we invest in passion-driven, motivated people. We look for prepared entrepreneurs with whom we can share the enthusiasm and the risks related to the development of new companies.


We’ll talk about metrics and KPIs in our first meeting, defining from the outset the goals and the growth strategies in the short and medium term.


We look for companies which have an international perspective and are scalable in business model and technology.